$ 60.00

1. Book your virtual workshop.

2. receive shipment, trim stems, place in water unless product is dry. Shipment includes the materials for the workshop selected, a wreath ring + a paddle of wire.

3. Clear space day-of workshop possibly on table or floor to construct your wreath.

Eucalyptus Either a mix of euc or one straight variety - whatever looks best. Please let me know if you prefer one variety over another.

Autumnal Like a big awesome salad. Lots of color, texture, flavor. May include oak, maple, eucalyptus, olive, bay, grass, dried flower pods.

Christmas Evergreen branches, magnolia, bay, eucalyptus, olive, possibly even pomegranates and citrus if available. Fun. 

Dried Flowers Totally depends when you book and what's available in my inventory but I can promise what you' create will be lovely + special.

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