Wedding flowers

Hello! We're happy to speak with you about your upcoming wedding (when you're ready). For now, let's get a few topics out of the way. We do not have a minimum. We deliver (OR, WA, CA). We use seasonal flowers because they're far more beautiful. We're happy to accommodate last minute orders but prefer at least two weeks. We value trust. Shop wedding packages below if you're looking for really beautiful wedding flowers and a little savings (never a bad idea).

We like to blow minds.

jump on our radar if an easy package isn't spot on.

Maybe your wedding would be twice as dynamite with an overhead installation or floral backdrop, or maybe you just need specific pieces. No problem! Send us an email including your wedding date, location, aesthetic, & ideas. We'll contact you within 24 hours with information on our services & to book a consultation. write to

Wedding 1

$ 300.00

Wedding 2

$ 800.00

Wedding 3

$ 1,649.00

Wedding 4

$ 2,755.00

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