$ 20.00

Hug everyone.

HUGS are shippable Fieldwork-style bouquets made with our sweet and hardy selection of seasonal flowers. They're shorter than our standard.

Pick-up from Fieldwork every Wednesday or Friday from 12-3. Please order online prior to pick-up.

Oregon/Washington local deliverywe generally fill orders Tuesday and Thursday.

Out of state & long distance OR/WA: Order by Monday please – this way your hug doesn't sit in a shipping warehouse all weekend. We try to ship Monday through Wednesday.

Subscriptions: Drop-offs are between 10a-6p locally on Tuesday and Thursday, and UPS hours for national shipments. Delivery / Shipping will cost an additional $5 per bouquet – we'll send you that invoice prior to the first drop-off.

If you're the recipient of this hug please trim each stem and place in lukewarm water. Change or add water daily.

Please keep your card message to 15 words or less.

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