Valentine's Planter


$ 60.00

Our planters are fun. Like our floral arrangements we have a less controlled approach to reflect a wild garden. Our containers are generally modern and white.

Current indoor selection

Various large and small Philodendrons - 12 in stock

Stag horn Ferns - a couple flats 

Fiddle Leaf Ficus - 3 in stock

String of Pearl - 8 in stock

Pink Rubber plants - 10 in stock

Anthurium - 10 in stock

Current Outdoor selection

5 gallon Evergreen Clematis - 20 in stock

black and purple hellebore - 10 in stock

Corsican mint - a few flats 

6" Hyacinth - 10 in stock

4" White Muscari - 20 in stock

6" Novelty Daffodils - 10 in stock

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